Throughout my seven years of experience as a software engineer and technical writer, I have helped people understand software and processes through comprehensive and accessible documentation for all audiences.

My Writing career

I'm always improving my writing by taking courses, reading specialized books and looking for topics that are pertinent to the interests of the reading public.


ASP.NET Core for Beginners: Web APIs (Telerik)
Your First Microservice in .NET 6 (Telerik)


6 Tips for Writing Elegant C# Code (Telerik)
Tips for More Efficient .NET Logs (Telerik)

Day by day in the dev world

Diary of a programmer #1 - Making contact (
What you need know to get a job with .NET (

How can I help you?

I work as a freelance writer and would love to help you get high-quality technical content for your blog or company. So, Send me a message, and let's talk!

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